Transitioning To Assisted Living: How The Hampton at Meadows Place Supports You Every Step of the Way

July 14, 2023
transitioning to assisted living

Changes Are a Normal Part of Life

Everyone’s journey in life is comprised of periods, and the events and moments that fill them up… sometimes with jubilation, sometimes with excitement or anticipation, with frustration at times, sometimes with sorrow, and of course every other emotion or feeling in between. So, maybe Forrest Gump’s mama was onto something when she said, “life was like a box of chocolates,” because it’s certainly true that “you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Thankfully, however, what you get in life is mostly pleasant, good memories made from a great life filled with family and friends, and all those precious moments on our journey. But in every great life, changes come, and changes are just a normal part of life. We face them head on, and do the best we can, even when they feel difficult.

A transition to assisted living is one of those changes that is sometimes… just a part of life. Remember, change, like life, is what you make of it. So, keeping a positive mindset is always the best way to manage any change or transition, and there truly are good things waiting for you ahead when you approach it this way. 

Therefore, whether you’re considering a transition to assisted living for yourself or for someone you care about, it’s important to keep a positive outlook, to understand your options, to get the support you need, and approach it all with an open mind. 

Now let’s look at some of the issues, concerns, and fears that might come up as your family considers assisted living.

Assisted Living: Concerns & Solutions

Unfortunately, transitioning to assisted living can create fear and a sense of unease in some seniors. And it can also cause sons, daughters, or grandchildren who are helping their loved one with a transition to feel a sense of guilt. The bottom line—it can be a difficult time for your whole family.

There are many reasons why seniors sometimes feel worried, fearful, or sad about an upcoming transition into a supportive senior living community, but there are strategies and solutions that can help reduce everyone’s stress and create a sense of calm, to ease this transition. And as you move closer to your decision we’ll put our family here at The Hampton at Meadows Place together with your family to make the transition one that everyone can feel good about.

Now let’s discuss some of the most common reasons why seniors feel uneasy about transitioning to assisted living and how The Hampton at Meadows Place works with you to mitigate them.

The Loss of Family Life

Seniors considering a transition to supportive senior living may feel a move from their home will be the end of their sense of family life. They may feel a sense of dread about leaving the home they built a life in, raised a family in, the place where they shared so many wonderful memories with their spouses and children. 

While family life is certainly about your loved ones more than it is about a house, still, a house can hold special memories that your parent or grandparent may cling to stronger than you might imagine, so leaving their home may cause them to worry family life will be lost. This is often the number one concern for seniors.

Family life, however, continues when you walk out one door and open another. And we encourage a robust family experience here at The Hampton at Meadows Place. Family is what we’re all about, and as such we make it easy for you and your family to visit and enjoy time together on our beautiful campus grounds, or in your private apartments, or on day-trips to fun spots around town. 

We also hold monthly festive Friends and Family events where everyone comes together to enjoy quality time. Visit our News and Events Page to learn more and to RSVP.

Losing Their Independence

We all appreciate our independence, being able to come and go as we please, take care of our own needs, and live life freely. 

Therefore, the thought of moving into a supportive senior living community can create anxiety in seniors who fear that they will no longer have their freedom, their independence, their ability to live life their way as they always have. But at The Hampton, residents’ independence is a top priority.

 Our team members are highly trained, and understand that all residents desire their independence, and that’s respected. Team members are friendly and engaging, but aware of residents’ needs and personalities, and offer as much or little support as each resident desires. Residents are free to live their lives as they choose— strong, independent, thriving.

Privacy Concerns

Seniors may be nervous that life in a supportive senior living community will rob them of their privacy, that they will be in an open environment, 24-hours a day, with no privacy or time to themselves. 

This is not the case at The Hampton. Our community has many spaces, indoors and out, that allow residents to take time to themselves, to think, to read, to enjoy private conversations with friends, or to just simply be with nature. And each resident always has the option of spending as much time as they desire within their private apartment where they will be able to live and enjoy their life in the privacy of their own home, like they always have.

Financial Worries

While many seniors have decades of experience managing their own home, the mortgage, the maintenance, utilities, random emergencies, etc., they might feel unsettled about the long-term costs of assisted living. Anything new is something to ‘tackle’ and it may seem easier to continue managing the financial obligations they know versus the ones they don’t.

But our trained staff will help make sense of the numbers and come up with a financial plan that works for you, one that you’ll be able to understand and manage. 

Afterwards, most seniors come to realize that transitioning to assisted living is often more affordable than living alone in their home with all the maintenance, unexpected emergency repairs, high heating and cooling bills, etc.

Food Concerns

Some seniors may be concerned about food quality. They’ve spent a life being able to enjoy great, home-cooked meals and dinners out at fine restaurants with friends and family, so they’re concerned that the food they’ll be offered at an assisted living community will be bland, cafeteria-style food they won’t enjoy. 

Well, nothing could be further from the truth here. We provide scrumptious, chef-prepared meals in multiple, anytime-dining, restaurant-style venues. Your choices are many, and our chef prepares seasonal menus that highlight the best of regionally-sourced foods. Our staff will even sit down with your whole family, before move-in, to discuss favorite foods and dietary constraints, because every meal should be nutritious, fantastic, and unforgettable.

Isolation / Loneliness

Seniors often fear that life in an assisted living community will make them feel lonely. They may worry that they’ll not be able to make friends, that they’ll be left out, abandoned, isolated. 

But our ValeoTM Signature Programs for residents were designed with keeping seniors active and social. No one is ever left out. Our ValeoTM programs take a comprehensive approach to wellness that incorporates physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual elements. And our programs are very social; there are ample opportunities to meet and make new friends in a variety of ways, through classes, activities, and events. 

To learn more about our signature programs, click HERE.


Fear of the Unknown Experience

Lastly, there’s fear of the unknown. It’s a common fear we all share—that fear or sense of dread about an unknown experience we’re about to embark upon but know little about. What will this be like? Will it make me anxious? Will it be a bad experience? What if no one likes me? Everyone worries a little about the unknown.

We understand these concerns and address them before you even move in. We take time to explain in detail what life is like in The Hampton community. Our team will answer all your questions and give you an extensive tour of the grounds, residences, event rooms, lounges, fitness centers, salons, game rooms, and more. You’ll know all about The Hampton at Meadows Place before you even unpack your first bag… and it’ll feel like home the minute you greet those new friends you met on the tour! 

Schedule your tour today and welcome home to The Hampton at Meadows Place.

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