What is a Memory Care Community?

August 30, 2022
what is a memory care community

Memory Care Standards, Expectations & What to Look For

The onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or another memory-impairment health issue can create a tremendous amount of anxiety for the person who is experiencing it, as well as their family. But as signs of dementia become pronounced — a family member wanders off and can’t remember how to get home, bills or personal care are being neglected, or you as a caregiver are always exhausted, it is likely time to have the discussion about memory care in Texas.


The conversation may not be easy. Your family member may have anxiety over the fear of a loss of independence or anxiety over perceived outdated stereotypes of senior living in general. And you may feel emotional guilt over not being able to care for someone who has cared for you through the years. But a memory care community may be the ideal solution for personal wellness when the effects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia become worrisome or potentially dangerous. The conversation is crucial.


So, what exactly is a memory care community?

In brief, a memory care community is a network of residences that offers structured wellness solutions and programs; meal planning; engagement and events; personal care; and additional, daily specialized support as needed to people living with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia-related condition. Support is an essential part of the equation, but it can be defined and interpreted in vastly different ways from community to community, so it’s critical to ask questions when considering .

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What to Look For: Memory Care Community Baseline Standards

If you’re considering options for a loved one and the timetable for when to move from home or assisted living into memory care, you’ll first want to ensure that your memory care community offers the standard baseline care that every top-level community should. In addition to care and training standards, a good memory care community will also have buildings and grounds that are up to date and well designed for comfort, enjoyment, and safety. Some of the care points and issues that you should keep in mind are as follows:

  • Does the memory care community have team members available 24/7 that have specialized dementia-specific care training?
  • Will medical personnel be on-site at all times? Is the community equipped to handle medical emergencies of all types?
  • Are the building and grounds secure and safe? Observe and understand the security protocols and video camera systems. Are there safety/security personnel, etc. on staff in addition to dementia-specific trained team members?
  • Are team members enjoying their work? Are they engaging with residents in a helpful friendly manner, or do they seem rushed, perhaps even distant? Do team members appear to know the residents intimately? Watch for team member – resident interactions; get a sense of whether it’s an institution or a loving home where residents are thriving.
  • Is the building designed with dementia and its challenges in mind? For example, are there circular hallways that help residents find their way without the frustration of reaching dead ends?
  • Are events and engagement opportunities readily available for residents, to help them with socialization, cognitive improvement, and more?
  • Are there spaces for residents to walk outside and enjoy that healing, Vitamin D-producing sunshine in nature’s beauty? And are those spaces enclosed or monitored so residents will be safe?
  • Are the buildings and grounds quiet? Or are they heavily impacted by considerable outside noise such as traffic, sirens, etc. Remember, if it’s too loud and chaotic for you, it’s probably the same for your family member.
  • Are the windows properly secured and paned for residents’ safety?
  • Is the lighting harsh? Does it create a glare? Eyes that have seen their share of living may have developed issues that make harsh lighting not only annoying, but painful.
  • Are common spaces comfortable, with easy-in and easy-out chairs and couches, tables for engagement programs with friends, and are the spaces freshly designed with uplifting colors and art that inspires?

The considerations outlined above are merely a starting point. You should do your own research as well. Ask specific questions of team members until you feel 100% comfortable the community meets your expectations and can successfully manage the unique needs your family member requires to be cared for, appreciated, engaged, challenged cognitively, secured and safe, fulfilled and happy!

Now that we’ve covered the basic standards of a memory care community, it’s time to go further and discuss what makes a memory care community great! Texas prides itself on being the best, as well as the biggest, so a memory care community by Texas standards has to rise far above the average. It needs to stand out and stand tall. Let’s discuss what it takes to earn that status in a Texas senior living community.

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What Makes A Memory Care Great, The Texas Way?

They say ‘everything is bigger in Texas,’ and that goes for our expectations as well. We like to go big whenever we can. We’re the biggest state by land area in the contiguous United States; our capitol building is the largest in size, besting every other state in our perfect Union; and we like big hair, big hats, big trucks, and big ideas. Therefore, it’s not surprising that our expectations are big as well. In Texas, good is not enough; it’s got to be great. And in order for a memory care community to be great by Texas standards, it’s got to have exceptional personalized support and care, outstanding holistic signature programs, and it has to be a real home! Let’s review some factors that make memory care in Meadows Place, TX great.

A Great Memory Care Community Really Knows Its Residents

Personalization, it’s the key to outstanding memory care. Every resident of a community has a full life they’ve led and a full life ahead. And every resident has a personal story, and needs, that are unique. In order to provide a  home that brings joy, team members must know the residents intimately.

The Hampton at Meadows Place ensures its residents’ lives remain full and rich by taking the time before and during move-in to learn everything they can about their past, their stories, talents, anything that makes them the great person they are. Team members perform a comprehensive wellness review of each resident’s abilities and engage with them in a thorough discussion about their passions.

It’s all designed to form as complete a picture as possible, to understand who they are and what they need, as well as what they care about and enjoy. By getting to know incoming residents personally, team members can make an accurate assessment of the level of support and care they’ll need, then design an individualized plan for well-being and health backed by scientific research — with the goal of helping residents live their best lives!

Thus, The Hampton at Meadows Place is a structured community that provides residents with delicious and nutritious meals of course, and assistance with personal care in their daily lives, but residents also benefit from customized support designed to help them thrive as individuals. We know our residents personally, and that is one of the reasons our program is so successful.

A Great Memory Care Community Is About Engagement And Independence

When considering a memory care community, engagement and independence should both be at the top of your list. A great community will strike a perfect balance, by providing engagement programs tailored to each resident’s unique needs and abilities while being mindful that all residents want, and deserve, to lead proud independent lives and be in control of their own time as they see fit. Our carefully curated programs, and wide variety of amenities ensure that team members honor residents’ individual preferences and legacy.

pet friendly senior apartmentsThe Hampton is a Meadows Place, Texas memory care community that takes this tailored approach to every engagement program and event that’s designed for its residents. Good health and an active, full life must focus on the mind and body together. The Hampton’s ValeoTM Memory Care program is a pillar of our wellness philosophy that concentrates on the four pillars of a healthy mind and body: physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

A Great Memory Care Is Home

For a memory care community to be truly great, it can’t just ‘feel’ like home, it’s got to be home! A true home is where we commune and dine with the people we enjoy spending time with, it’s a place where we laugh and share stories, where we engage in moments of joy through learning and interacting with others, as well as our furry friends.

Great Memory Care in Meadows Place, Texas

The Hampton at Meadows Place is a memory care community in Texas with lush, green acres, serene ponds, and natural beauty that our residents proudly call home! Each day at our is designed to create moments of joy and engagement through a schedule of well-rounded, structured events and holistic programs, with supervision by team members who have specialized dementia and memory support training, and who know the residents on a personal level! And of course, family members are encouraged to visit residents often, to engage and collaborate, because at The Hampton at Meadows Place, family is everything!

Get in touch with a member from our dedicated team to learn how The Hampton’s at Meadows Place memory care neighborhood can help. Call us today (281) 519-2931.

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